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Investors Poised to Profit from the New U.S. Plan for Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain

U.S. looks to compete with China on rare earth elements with new plan to “corner the market”

Research By World Opportunity Investor

July 16, 2024

Rare Earth Elements.

They’re in the phone you may well be holding in your hand.

They’re in the magnets used in the motors of all those hybrid cars and electric vehicles you see on the highway.

Even more critically, they’re vital to the weaponry, tracking systems, imaging sensors and precision guidance systems the military uses to keep us safe.

And who currently provides the majority of the world’s Rare Earth Element (“REE”) production?


China could potentially cripple the U.S. economy and our national defense simply by cutting off or reducing our imports of REEs. In 2019, 90% of the total US imports of REEs came directly from China.

That’s a worry given China’s growing Cold War with the United States, and it’s a problem that politicians on both sides of the aisle are anxious to solve.

Both former President Trump and President Biden have issued executive orders to review U.S. supply chains and identify ways to protect the country’s access to critical minerals, and REEs are on that list. The U.S. Department of Energy just launched a multimillion-dollar initiative to support and secure the U.S. supply chain of REEs and other vital minerals needed for electronics.

For the right REE companies with the right projects, the federal money to support their efforts to loosen China’s stranglehold on REEs could come pouring in.

One company that’s under the market’s radar but squarely on mine is Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX).

Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) is an exploration and development company focused on REEs and other minerals, such as cobalt and lithium, that are critical to the rapidly growing green technologies. I believe that Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) has a vital role in reducing the U.S. dependence on Chinese REEs.

As you are about to discover, Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) offers key advantages over its competitors that make it my top pick to reap profits in the race to secure the United States REE supply chain.

A Rare “Big Buy” Alert

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In think the returns for Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) could be just as explosive, if not more so.

Simply put Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) has the strategy, the location, the resources and the technology goals to help the U.S. lessen China’s domination of the REE market.

That’s why I’ve issued a rare “Best Buy” Alert to my subscribers on the company — the investment case for outsized profits here is as compelling as I’ve seen in a long time.

National Security Is At Stake

The recent U.S.-China trade war has put the critical issue of REE supply chain access squarely on the table as a point of leverage for the Red Chinese.

When President Trump began slapping tariffs on China in retaliation for unfair trade practices, one of the negotiating ploys China used was a threat to cut off U.S. REE supplies. Just this simple threat contributed to the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping by 2.1% and the S&P by 1.8% on the week and forced the U.S. to back off tariff increases on REEs. (May 28th, 2019 Open Price May 31st, 2019 Closing Price)

As I mentioned above, both former President Trump and President Biden know that China’s dominance of global REE production is an Achilles Heel for the U.S.

That’s why they both issued executive orders to grow, strengthen and secure our supplies of these critical elements and to find domestic resources where possible.

As crucial as REEs are to the modern technology we all depend on these days, lessening our dependency on China has become an essential national security issue.

Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) aims to provide an alternative source to reduce foreign dependency of REEs and doing so through its prime deposit location.


Location, Location, Location


If you wonder whether U.S. plans to break up China’s stranglehold on REEs has investors seeing profits, take a look at the table below:

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These are the recent stock performances of companies with REE projects in North America. These stocks saw major increases as China reduced its REE exports from 2019 to 2020 by 20%.

As you can see, MP Materials is the clear leader in the space in terms of market cap.

That’s because it owns the Mountain Pass operation in California, a project that has re-started after years of dormancy but that remains vulnerable to environmental challenges in a state notorious for them.

That’s one of the reasons Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) is such an appealing alternative. Its flagship Peak project is located in Texas, a state with a considerably more business-friendly attitude towards industry.

Better still, its West Texas operation puts it right within the very same complex as the Round Top Mountain project, one of the richest REE mining sites in existence. This allows for Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) to take advantage of existing railways, interstates, and even processing facilities located within mile of their Peak project.

The area has also been actively mined since the 1980s, making the surrounding labor force uniquely positioned to support ongoing mining operations in the area, rather than relying on relocating or housing the labor force.

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With key infrastructure, a skilled labor force and a shared geology with Round Top all working in Tactical Resources’ favor, the company is uniquely positioned to ramp up production quickly and profitably.

Everything’s Already in Place

That’s especially true because the material Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) plans to process is already on site at Peak.

You see, the Sierra Blanca Quarry on the property has spent many years producing fill material for the Union Pacific Railway to stabilize its tracks and has left behind a treasure trove of REE-containing waste material.

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That material is rich in REEs, and yet no one knew how to process that material for REEs in a profitable and environmentally friendly way when they first were removing it. That is, until Tactical Resources came along with an ESG-informed plan to extract REEs from that material.

The unvarnished truth about REE production is it tends to be difficult and messy, since most REEs are found in ore that is radioactive, which is why so many countries ended up ceding their production capacity to Chinaprojects end up shipping REEs to China in ore or concentrate form, which then processes and separates them into different REEs.

Tactical Resources has developed a process for extracting REEs from the Sierra Blanca Quarry’s waste material that mitigates the wastewater produced. This should make the project easier to move through the environmental permitting process.

The process recycles much of the reagent (i.e., chemical catalysts) and heat used to extract the REEs, making it a cleantech solution in tune with the times. This solution could be the key to mitigating resistance to domestic REE production based on environmental concerns, and in so doing, to unshackling the North American supply chain for REEs.

Because even in a pro-business state like Texas, there’s environmental red tape to cut.

Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX) is Set to Soar

The bottom line is this: With the U.S. dead-set on wresting REE reliance and pricing away from China, Tactical Resources is in the passenger seat here.

It has a project with an REE resource already in place, ready to process.

It has all the needed transportation infrastructure in place to cost-effectively ship its end products.

And it is formulating an environmentally friendly way to extract REEs from the Sierra Blanca Quarry’s waste material that should allow Tactical to clear any regulatory hurdles.

With a clear path to profitable operation and a project that offers a ready-made solution to help the U.S. ease REE supply concerns, Tactical Resources is set to hit the ground running, now that it has started trading as a public company.

In short, Tactical Resources checks all my boxes for a big winner in the global scrum for these vital inputs to the modern economy and national defense.

That’s why I’m issuing a “best buy” recommendation for my New American Investors subscribers on Tactical Resources (OTC:XXXX).

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Research By James DiGeorgia of World Opportunity Investor

July 16, 2024

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